Protect your data before it's too late

Hard drive crashes, viruses, theft, fire, natural disasters and even accidents can claim your critical data. Without a robust backup solution, your financial records, business documents, photos, videos, and more can be lost in the blink of an eye. With RapidBac, there's no need to worry! All your important data is safely backed up and can be restored in a flash!

Back up the right data

Sometimes it's difficult to know what to back up. Important files can be scattered across various folders, and it's a terrible feeling to discover too late that some of your critical data didn't get selected for backup! That's why we're here to assist in configuring your backup plan, helping to ensure that your critical data is protected!

Enterprise Features For Everyone!

RapidBac provides all the features you need to back up your personal and business data, at an amazingly affordable price. Whether you're backing up your Quickbooks data, personal photo album, or your company's entire database server, RapidBac is up to the job!

Hybrid Cloud Backups

Your data can be backed up to the cloud as well as to a local USB stick or external hard drive.

Unlimited, Permanent Archives

Make unlimited automatic snapshots of your data, then restore a file to that point at any time! Your archives are never deleted from your account, so you can always roll back to a previous version of your files.

3-2-1 rule

RapidBac satisfies the 3-2-1 rule of data protection:
Always maintain 3 copies of all critical files
stored on at least 2 different types of media
with at least 1 offsite copy maintained at all times.

End-to-end encryption

Your data is protected with military-grade encryption before it leaves your computer, using a password that only you know.

Easy recovery

It's simple to recover files! Use the Virtual Drive app and simply drag and drop the files you need. Or, if your computer is completely crashed, use the Bare Metal recovery to boot your computer from a USB stick and restore it.


RapidBac takes care of your data so you can focus on what you care about!

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RapidBac makes enterprise backups affordable for everyone, at home or at work!
For small datasets, the Per-Gig plan is a great choice. For workstation users, the PC Unlimited plan is an excellent value. For servers, you can't beat our Server Unlimited plan to protect your critical data.

  • $1 per GB
    Monthly Per-Gig plan
  • For small datasets - back up your critical data for only a few dollars!
  • Only pay for the space you use
  • All the great features of the RapidBac software
  • All platforms (PC, Server, Mac, Linux)
  • $50 per month
    Server Unlimited
  • Powerful server data protection!
  • 1 Server
  • Unlimited backup data
  • Plugins for SQL Server, Exchange, MySQL and more
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019, Linux

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